NIMUENDAJÚ: a cartoon feature film for adults. It’s a fiction about Curt Nimuendajú, a self-taught ethnologist who was born in Germany and spent the first half of the 20th century traveling around the countryside of Brazil, living with dozen of Indian people.
The project has had the enthusiastic accession of Indian people, among which were made the recordings and that had a relevant role in Curt Nimuendajú’s personal life and scientific journey: the Apinayé (Tocantins) and Canela-Rankokamekrá (Maranhão), besides the Guarani (São Paulo).

To be a partner of the feature film NIMUENDAJÚ is to contribute to the public to have contact with a very rich and little visited source of Brazilian culture, a breathtaking experience of human sharing in front on ethnical and existential differences.

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A production: Anaya

Partner institutions: National Indian Foudation; National Celin Museum; Center of Indigenist Work; Center of Timbira Documentation; University UNA/Belo Horizonte.